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I Cried - A Poem By James A. Watson Jr.

I cried last night as I got down on my knees to give thanks for the goodness received.

Shaking there, I prayed,

these words poured out true and sincere,

for my holy father to hear.

Compassion with love, and devotion.

To see the goodness given.

I cried for those who don't believe,

or care to see beauty in creation as we do each day.

The joy to share in good health, is to to carry on through another day given.

I cried for the sick and all in pain.

I cried for those greiving and more again for the homeless,

who've no place to sleep

and the children who've no food to eat.

This world is in turmoil.

Death is a constant thing, is natural thing, and all apart of Gods plan.

for these things I cry, and hurt so much inside.

Free the world by casting down more love, care, and understanding.

Understanding of your love and will.

So that they may see the beauty in these written words.

For human sake, I cry. My loving father I cry.

Ask I plea my prayer, that you hear my hopes.

Honor my love to thee,

I give for the glory you are, I cry.

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