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When Seeking Housing, You Should Consider

  1. Is the rent the landlord is asking for reasonable?
  2. What utilities can I expect to be responsible for at the unit?
  3. What is the general condition of the unit?
  4. Location of the unit as it relates to your situation? (Things to consider: work, daycare, school, family, etc.)
  5. Use the mapping tools provided during the briefing to help in choosing your new home. Look for a dwelling that is in the area that will put you in closer proximity to better schools and better jobs for you and your family.

  • You are responsible for paying the security deposit to the Landlord.
  • Rental assistance can be calculated from the day the unit passes inspection, and the lease is signed. Unless other arrangements are made, you are expected to move in promptly once you have been notified that the unit has passed.
  • Rental assistance cannot be calculated until AFTER the unit you have selected has an inspection.
  • You are responsible for getting the utilities turned on in your name and paying your utility bills.